This female arousal DVD could literally change your life

If you knew how to significantly increase your body’s ability to feel pleasure, would you?

Do you sometimes feel as if there is something missing in your sex life but you’re just not sure what to do about it? Maybe you feel frustrated or suspect that your body is capable of way more erotic sensations than you generally feel? Or perhaps you enjoy love making but wish you could understand what all this fuss about different kinds of orgasm is?

How would it be to feel fully, intimately & deliciously connected to your sensuality?
Would you like to discover the keys to your own pleasure – independent of anyone else?

Imagine feeling so connected to your unique pleasure pathways that every sensation could be a pure delight.

In this 85-minute DVD you’ll discover how to connect with your natural capacity for pleasure so you can enjoy the full spectrum of intimacy that your body is capable of. No more feeling sexually dysfunctional, frustrated or a failure in some way. It is the sex education that we should all have had in school.

Jam-packed with simple keys, practical exercises and fascinating, groundbreaking information this video will help you get really comfortable with your awesome body’s elegant design for pleasure, arousal and self-healing.  Buy it now

Who is this sex education for?

This DVD is for anyone with a vulva and those who love them. It’s for couples and singles, for teenagers and their parents and carers who want to support young people on their journey to sexual maturity. This is information you should have learnt at school but didn’t.

Laura-Doe - sexuality coach and female arousal expert

Hi, I’m Laura-Doe, an international sex educator, comedienne, teacher and firm believer in the incredible power of pleasure.

I’ve created this essential education to help you to discover the amazing capacities of a woman’s body. Part cutting-edge science, with footage from live seminars, diagrams and animations; and part practical tips and exercises; you will find a great range of material to help empower you. Comic sketches and catchy songs create fun and variety in a carefully crafted, engaging environment that caters to all learning styles.

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Why people struggle with personal pleasure

Are you one if the many people who feel sadly undereducated about the amazing structures that create pleasure and arousal in the female body? Maybe you even believe that sexual pleasure is not for you, or perhaps, not for your partner?

Has it ever occurred to you that throughout time authorities have attempted to control things that make us feel good? It’s a simple idea: by restricting access to pleasure people become more fearful and easier to manipulate. Those who wanted to keep control used to be kings and lords and religious leaders. In the modern world not feeling good about ourselves is used to encourage us to spend more money.

Sexuality coaching not pink viagra for female arousalIn fact it’s gone so far that pharmaceutical companies have introduced a ‘disease’ called ‘female sexual dysfunction’, purely in an attempt to profit from selling a ‘cure’. And because essential sex education is universally poor, and often accompanied by embarrassment and self-consciousness, people believe the story that there is something wrong with them.

In a curious quirk of timing the very day that The Art & Science of Female Arousal was mastered coincided with the day that US regulators approved the first “female Viagra“. The drug is called flibanserin or Addyi and is made by Sprout Pharmaceuticals. It was refused approval twice before because it doesn’t actually work very well and it comes with a host of scary side effects! 

I would absolutely not recommend taking this drug. And I don’t think you need to! Before you start feeling pressured to take a pill with disturbing side effects, please take a look at the material in this video. For so many of my clients a major part of what is missing in their intimate relating is good, clear information about how our body is actually designed to respond to pleasure. So I created this DVD.

Knowledge is power and this information will give you a lifetime of empowered pleasure!

Purchase the DVD or download and watch immediately!

What are people saying about The Art & Science of Female Arousal?

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some of the comments from fellow sexologists …

If you are to watch one DVD on everything to do with female arousal, this has to be the one!” Dr Martha Tara Lee, Clinical Sexologist, Singapore

A must view for anyone owning or interested in vulvas!” Tanya Koens, Sex Therapist, Australia

The science is impeccable, with scholarly references. The art is witty, creative and entertaining, making the whole package intriguing and fun as well as stirringly educational. I highly recommend this to anyone with a vulva, or who wishes to please someone with one.” Linda Kirkman, PhD, sexuality educator and researcher, Australia

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Who is Laura-Doe? Who is Laura-Doe?
I am a pleasure coach, comedienne, singer/songwriter, writer and an international educator and sexual health activist. I am passionate about supporting people to understand and to cultivate the potent healing power of our natural capacity for pleasure. I fulfil this passion by offering workshops and sessions through the yOniversity, an educational establishment dedicated to empowerment through pleasure and knowledge, by writing and performing theatre, comedy and songs as 'Vaudeville of the Vulva' , and creating and distributing the Vulvalicious® Cushions, anatomically accurate art pieces. I am the founder and webmistress of, an online women's magazine, and I maintain a Facebook cause called The Vulvalation!
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Vulvalicious Cushions Vulvalicious Cushions
The awesome anatomically accurate, 3D, fabric art works featured in the movie contain beautiful tactile representations of all the internal and external structures responsible for arousal in a women's pelvis. Artful, education, individual and unique - the Vulvalicious Cushions are also available for purchase from our shop
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The Vulvalationary Store The Vulvalationary Store
For fabulous products to enhance your understanding of feminine arousal and, for the vulvalationaries amongst us, to display your celebration of this portal for life and pleasure, check out The Art & Science of Female Arousal's Shop.
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