Praise for The Art & Science of Female Arousal

Pleasure coach Laura-Doe is changing lives“One of the most intelligent, clear, passionate and utterly useful resources on female arousal that I have found. “

Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Author & Yogini, UK

“I loved it. Really interesting information. I have already recommended it to a couple of clients, and can think of others who might benefit. I think that it’s an excellent resource for psychologists and psychotherapists who are often faced with sexual issues in individual and couple work. Should become a standard part of our training. Thanks so much. “

Lorri Craig, Registered Psychologist, Brighton, UK


Laura-Doe is wonderful in this six section DVD all about female arousal. At times light and fun and at times full of useful facts and figures, this material is entertaining, informative and a wonderful education tool.

Laura-Doe sets out to help everyone, regardless of gender, age or sexual proficiency, learn about female arousal systems. She draws on history, science, physiology and renowned teachers to bring you practical and useful information.

A must view for anyone owning or interested in vulvas!

Praise for The Art & Science of Female Arousal by Pleasure Coach Laura-Doe

Arousal DVD by Pleasure Coach Laura-Doe

Tanya Koens – Sex Therapist, Australia

I have only watched 35 minutes of your DVD but already feel inspired, as a father of six young adults, that I have a duty of care to ensure they and their partners all have access to this vital education

I wish to order 6 copies.

Mal Ryan, Brisbane

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If there were a bright and shining light in the field of sexology when it comes to the female vulva, it would be Laura-Doe. Her knowledge of this subject is extensive, so I was really looking forward to watching her new DVD ‘The Art and Science of Female Arousal’.

I really enjoyed it. As the title suggests, the DVD goes through the entire structure of the complicated female sexual anatomy. I learned lots of things I didn’t know previously, even as a sexologist, and relished the new nuggets of information – such as ancient references and depictions of female arousal.

Each segment built on the previous one, eventually covering the entire structure – from the outer to inner; from the clitoris to the anus; from sensation to orgasm. No good educational resource on female arousal would exclude the G-spot or female ejaculation, and Laura-Doe was able to clear up some myths well – hopefully once and for all! Also included is information that will aid in female arousal – such as the role of Kegels, Breath, and Jade Egg.

You can expect a mix of segments from Laura-Doe’s vulva show, capturing audience reaction, lectures from behind a rostrum, teaching in circle groups, as well as direct lecturing to the video audience. Each section is interwoven with expert quotes, interviews and clear illustrations and diagrams where applicable. All these make the DVD not just educational, but also entertaining and fun!

I appreciated the summary of the learning points at the end of each video section. A lot of thought has been put into it. I haven’t come across a resource as lovingly and thoroughly designed as this one! I highly recommend it!

Everybody should have this information, especially sexuality educators. If you are to watch one DVD on everything to do with female arousal, this has to be the one!

Dr Martha Tara Lee, Clinical Sexologist, Eros Coaching, Singapore

Women’s capacity for pleasure is magnificent. This film magnificently demonstrates how aspects of that pleasure works, so that people with vulvas can explore their own, or a partner’s anatomy to maximise pleasure possibilities. The science is impeccable, with scholarly references. The art is witty, creative and entertaining, making the whole package intriguing and fun as well as stirringly educational. I highly recommend this to anyone with a vulva, or who wishes to please someone with one.

Linda Kirkman, PhD, sexuality educator and researcher, Australia

Just watched your video. Really, really well done with excellent production values. Really informative. I liked the structure too with the regular revision points and the chances for breaks and coming back to the body. (I even got the dishes done part way through without feeling any guilt about pausing the video …) …  You’ve made a great contribution to the world with this.

Anon, Italy

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It’s a game changer

Workshop participant, Bali

“It is so brilliant because you explain everything so clearly. You’ve brought in quite a bit of science but in a completely digestible way. There was humour. There was lightness. The music was brilliant. The pauses were great: there was a portion of information and then another portion and another and it felt very digestible. 

“I just think every person in the world should watch it. Everyone! This should be the base line understanding. 
Beverley Drumm, Bodyworker & Tantrika, London, UK

“This video was fun, informative, interesting, humorous and even a history lesson. I learnt a few things and I thought I was well informed. It got across a lot of detail with absolutely no nudity due to the great teaching aids. This video is suitable for all ages and sexes, there is something for everyone.”

Glenn Knight
B. Ap. Sc. Grad. Dip Cert. Sexological Bodyworker