Female Arousal DVD sharing/party pack (4 DVDs)


A party pack of 4 DVD’s to share with your with partner, lovers, groups, circles, friends and family.



Be a change agent in your community and spread the vulva love. Buy four DVD’s at a super special discount to share with your with partner, lovers, friends and family. This package is also for those wishing to share the DVD in a group or circle.

The Art & Science of Female Arousal is jam-packed with cutting-edge information about the female body’s elegant design for pleasure, arousal and self-healing. These valuable insights will help to increase your erotic confidence and create more loving intimate relationships. This is sex education for the 20th century – accurate science-based information that works, presented with clarity, humour – and great songs and music!

Based on international sex educator Laura-Doe’s seminars on female arousal, this empowering material exposes the myths and enables the magic of really understanding how women’s arousal actually works. Essential viewing for all women and those who love them.

  • You’ll learn the full story of the clitoris (much bigger than many people realise) and locate the other members of the amazing quartet of erectile structures in a woman’s pelvis.
  • Understand the truth about the G-spot and the common misconceptions which reveal why you may not have located it yet.
  • Get your wet weather gear on and dive into the delights that come with female ejaculation.
  • Learn about the sexy nerves and the amazing tune that the round ligament plays in a women’s orgasmic orchestra.

And, as you are probably aware, women’s pleasure involves much more than just her body’s responses. How she feels plays a very important part.

  • Discover the attitudes that dramatically increase a woman’s sexual enjoyment
  • Unravel the differences between men and women’s arousal mechanisms that contribute to major misunderstandings in the bedroom
  • Gain awareness of the key elements of female psychology which assist (or inhibit) arousal.
  • Learn and practice techniques to develop whole new neural pathways to pleasure.

Entertaining as well as informative, comic sketches intersperse with footage from live seminars and classes, interviews with female sexuality experts, detailed diagrams and animations as well as catchy songs and an awesome soundtrack will keep you in the groove. There are review questions, down time to allow you to absorb the information and links to additional resources. The fun and variety creates an engaging environment that caters to all learning styles.

No matter what stage of life you are at or where you are in your exploration of your own or your partner’s capacity for arousal, this video will give you the keys you need to take it to the next level. Professional sexologist Dr Lee, reported in her review ‘I learned lots of things I didn’t know previously, even as a sexologist’.

Choose PAL & NTSC format.

This information could be, quite literally, life changing.

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